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Despite the best efforts to prevent it, injuries to employees sometimes happen.  We hope that your company never experiences a workers compensation loss, but if you do we want you to have the tools necessary to reduce the impact these losses have on you, your employees and your business.

When a claim occurs, it is important that the injured employee is taken care of quickly and that you have access to the people and resources that can provide assistance.  Our workers compensation claims professionals will partner with you and your employee to get the medical resources necessary to ensure that they return to work as quickly as possible.  Our claims professionals are located close to you in regional offices; they are experienced in local jurisdictional claims processes.  When appropriate they use cost reduction tools to help minimize costs.

Our Medical Cost Management Tools include:

  • Access to Preferred Provider Networks:  Your injured employee will get the proper treatment at the most appropriate cost.
  • Nurse Case Managers are on-site Tower Group Companies’ employees who work with your claims professional to assure the proper course of treatment is followed, with a focus on returning to work.
  • Utilization Management Programs: Treatment-specific programs designed to determine whether requested treatments are medically necessary and appropriate.
  • Medical Bill Review Programs assure that only the treatments that were provided are paid for and at appropriate levels, as provided by your state’s workers compensation laws.
  • Pharmacy and Medical Services Management Programs help reduce the rising costs associated with prescription drugs and medical equipment or services needed during the healing process.

Other services used to help manage your claims costs include:

  • Litigation Management Resources: A dedicated panel of attorneys will work closely with you and your claims professional to control the litigation costs associated with some claims.
  • Recovery Services pursue recovery of your claim costs when other parties may be at fault for the accident or injury.
  • Special Investigative/Fraud Unit (SIU): Fraudulent claims cost us all unnecessary money.  We have a dedicated unit that works closely with you and your claims professional to actively investigate any potentially fraudulent claims.

We look forward to working with you in managing your workers compensation claims experience.

Claims Reporting

To access the proper claims reporting information for your state, please click on the Workers Compensation Claims Kit link to the right and follow the instructions provided.

Find a Physician

To find a physician for your employee click on the Workers Compensation Medical Management link to the right, and follow the instructions.

Workers Compensation Claims Kits - State Specific
Workers Compensation Medical Management