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Here are some steps you can take to keep your family and property safe.

Hurricane Precautions

- Collect important documents and store them in a watertight container.
- Get cash, since ATMs and banks may close in a power outage.
- Prune tree branches that might damage your home.
- Protect windows by shuttering, boarding or taping.
- Secure lawn furniture.
- Plan an evacuation route.
- Fill your car with gas.
- Fill your bathtubs with water for washing and flushing. 
- Stock up on supplies:

~ battery operated radio

~  non-perishable food

~ a two-week supply of drinking water

~ charcoal or cooking gas for your grill

~ pet food

~ batteries, flashlights and candles

~ first aid kit

~ prescription medications

- For the latest news, visit and  If you may have to evacuate, consider your destination and make hotel reservations if necessary.

During a Hurricane

- Remain indoors and stay away from windows.
- Monitor official updates of conditions.
- If flooding seems imminent, shut off utilities at the main switches.

After a Hurricane

- Avoid outdoor hazards, such as dangling power lines and broken tree limbs.
- Boil water until you have been told it is safe to drink.
- Dispose of contaminated food.
- Photograph damage before repairs and clean-up begin.
- Make temporary repairs, if possible.
- Pump out the basement, if flooded.
- Turn on utilities if safe to do so.

*Adirondack and New Jersey Skylands management companies are the attorneys-in-fact for Adirondack Insurance Exchange , a New York reciprocal insurer, Mountain Valley Indemnity Company, an Adirondack business; and New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association, a New Jersey reciprocal insurer, and its New Jersey domiciled stock insurance subsidiary, New Jersey Skylands Insurance Company.

Filing a Claim

To file a claim, contact your independent agent or Tower Group Companies:

First Report Phone Line: (888) 856-5522
First Report Fax: (888) 291-6262
First Report E-Mail: [email protected]

If you are insured by any of these companies: 

Mountain Valley Indemnity Company, an Adirondack business*
New Jersey Skylands*
York Insurance
Massachusetts Homeland Insurance Company

Contact your independent agent or reach us directly at:

First Report Phone Line: (877) 365-8693
First Report Fax: (877) 852-0220

Please have your policy number available and all details of your damage.  After you’ve reported your claim, we will assign a claim number and begin the adjustment process.